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AXOOM – We have an eye on your processes


AXOOM [æksuːm] combines the word zoom with the mathematical term axiom. Zooming is familiar to most of us through photography – you zoom in to see the details. Axiom is used in mathematics to represent a theorem describing a universal truth.

AXOOM interprets the word axiom in this way: we look at production from a higher level. Not from the machine perspective, but from the perspective of the overall process. By looking at the overall process from order entry through to delivery and beyond, we can see the bigger picture in production. And this is where we see the highest potentials for more efficient manufacturing.

As our name says: We look at your overall processes in detail and want to constantly improve them so that you can work more efficiently.

Join us in finding new solutions for the future of production. The initial building blocks for our digital business platform for manufacturing companies are available and ready for preview on our website shortly. Have a look for yourself and pre-register for our preview:  https://registration.axoom.com/en-us

Help us shape the future of production. We appreciate your feedback.