Gartner Cool Venddor 2016

Feeling pretty “cool”: Gartner has chosen AXOOM as a Cool Vendor for Digitalization Through Industrie 4.0


Gartner Inc. is a well-known company for research and market analysis in the IT industry. Customers base their important decisions on the expertise of Gartner and their analyses of companies, products and solutions. In addition to Research Notes, Gartner is most well-known for their Magic Quadrants which show how selected providers are positioned within a market according to defined criteria.

In the latest Research Note, which will be made public in April, Gartner has analyzed technology and solutions in the Digitalization Through Industrie 4.0 category. AXOOM was analyzed as a solution and was officially selected as one of five so-called “Cool Vendors”.

We feel that being honored with this designation is a clear reflection of all of the work that we, along  with our customers and partners, have undertaken since our founding and we want to deeply thank everyone who has contributed to our success along this journey.

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