Shaping the production of the future with Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 describes the digital transformation of industrial production – linking modern information and communication technologies and industrial production. The driver for this development is the growing digitization of the economy and society. This revolutionizes the production and its working methods. According to McKinsey & Company and the VDMA, most companies perceive the fourth industrial revolution as an opportunity rather than as risk.

By using intelligent, digital systems, it is possible, to network all steps of the value chain. So, potentials like higher utilization, flexible response to customer needs, shorter throughput times and improved maintenance processes can be realized. This is leading to an optimized production: quality will be increased, costs can be reduced and a continuous transparency can be created across all company processes. The value chain of a company can be designed even more efficient, if extending beyond company boundaries, partners and suppliers are integrated as well. A major role for networking within Industry 4.0 plays the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The Internet of Things enables a connection of sensors, software and processes in manufacturing. This makes a communication between machines, components and products keeping users as the key element possible. Thus, a basis for a continuous data transfer, the establishment of a data pools and for the analysis and interpretation of data will be created. Resultant informed decisions can be made and future approaches can be derived.

The fourth industrial revolution brings for manufacturing companies and machine manufacturers major challenges with regard to changes in production and in higher-level business processes.

AXOOM supports the successful digital transformation of the companies. Through the combination of a strong team of hosting experts, mechatronics specialists, software developers, project engineers, and process and lean consultants and the proximity to our parent company TRUMPF, we offer both production and IT expertise. Relying on this wealth of competencies, in cooperation with our customers, we plan, develop and implement individual solutions. It is important for us to work as team at every stage of the project until our shared objective is achieved. The AXOOM digital business platform is designed for use along the entire production value chain and provides seamless connections for production. Data can be securely transported into the cloud-based platform via vertical connections. AXOOM enables new business models and customized mass production:

AXOOM Smart Enterprise for manufacturing companies

AXOOM IoT (Internet of Things) for manufacturers of machines, components and sensors.